how to play dice throne adventures

“Dice Throne Adventures” is a cooperative board game that builds on the popular “Dice Throne” dice-based combat game. It allows players to embark on cooperative adventures together. Here’s a general overview of how to play “Dice Throne Adventures”:

Objective: The objective of “Dice Throne Adventures” is to work together as a team to complete a series of adventures and challenges while facing various opponents and obstacles.


  1. Assemble the game board according to the setup instructions in the rulebook.
  2. Choose your heroes: Each player selects a hero character and takes their corresponding hero board, player mat, and ability cards. The heroes will form a team to face the challenges together.
  3. Prepare the challenge cards: Create a deck of challenge cards based on the selected adventure or scenario. These cards represent the encounters and obstacles your team will face during the adventure.
  4. Set up the enemy characters: Depending on the adventure, you may face enemy characters or bosses. Place their corresponding character boards, ability cards, and health trackers on the game board.
  5. Set up the player mats: Each player sets up their player mat with the chosen hero’s starting abilities, equipment, and health.


  1. Each turn consists of the following phases:
    • Draw Phase: Draw one challenge card from the challenge deck and resolve its effects. This card represents the challenge or event that your team faces during the turn.
    • Action Phase: Players take turns in clockwise order, starting with the first player. During their turn, a player can perform actions such as moving their hero, using abilities, and attacking enemies.
    • Enemy Phase: The enemies or bosses take their turns according to their AI and ability cards, attacking and taking actions against the players.
  2. Resolve the challenges and adventures as a team, strategizing and working together to overcome obstacles and enemies. Use your hero’s abilities, equipment, and teamwork to achieve your objectives.
  3. Progress through the adventure by completing the required objectives and challenges. These objectives may involve defeating enemies, collecting items, or reaching specific locations on the game board.
  4. Track the health of both player heroes and enemy characters throughout the game.
  5. As you progress through the adventures, you may unlock new abilities, gain experience points, and upgrade your heroes. Customize your hero’s abilities and playstyle to suit your team’s strategy.
  6. Continue playing until you complete all the adventures or objectives in the scenario, or until you are defeated by the challenges and enemies.

Winning: To win “Dice Throne Adventures,” your team must successfully complete all the objectives and challenges specified in the selected adventure scenario. Each adventure may have different victory conditions and challenges, so be sure to follow the rules provided for each scenario.

“Dice Throne Adventures” offers various adventures and scenarios with unique challenges and objectives, providing a cooperative and engaging gaming experience for you and your team. Enjoy exploring the world of Dice Throne and working together to overcome the challenges you encounter.

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