How To Get Management Colleges Using Mat Exam

To get admission to management colleges using the MAT (Management Aptitude Test) exam, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Understand MAT: First, make sure you understand what MAT is and why you want to take this exam. MAT is a standardized test used for admission into various management programs in India. It’s conducted by the All India Management Association (AIMA) and is accepted by a wide range of B-schools and management colleges across India.
  2. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the management colleges you are interested in. Eligibility criteria can vary from college to college, so it’s essential to review the specific requirements of each institution.
  3. Registration: Register for the MAT exam on the official AIMA website ( You’ll need to fill out the application form, pay the exam fee, and choose your exam date and test center. MAT is typically held multiple times a year, so choose a date that aligns with your college admission schedule.
  4. Prepare for the Exam: MAT consists of sections like Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, and Indian and Global Environment. Prepare thoroughly for each section. You can use study materials, coaching classes, or online resources to help you prepare.
  5. Appear for the Exam: On the scheduled date, go to the exam center with your admit card and a valid photo ID. The MAT exam is conducted both in paper-based and computer-based formats. Make sure you are aware of the format you have chosen.
  6. Check Scores: After taking the exam, you’ll receive your scores. MAT scores are presented as a composite score, and you’ll also get individual scores for each section. These scores are essential for applying to management colleges.
  7. Shortlist Colleges: Based on your MAT score, shortlist the management colleges you want to apply to. You can research colleges based on their cutoff scores and admission criteria.
  8. Apply to Colleges: Visit the official websites of the colleges you’ve shortlisted and fill out their application forms. Make sure to submit all required documents and fees.
  9. Participate in the Selection Process: Management colleges may have different selection processes, which could include Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI), and Written Ability Test (WAT). Prepare for these stages as needed.
  10. Wait for Admission Offers: After the selection process, you’ll receive admission offers from colleges. Review your options and choose the college that best suits your career goals.
  11. Pay Fees and Complete Admission Formalities: Once you’ve made your decision, pay the admission fees and complete all the necessary formalities to secure your seat in the management college.

Remember that MAT scores are just one part of the admission process. Each college may have its own selection criteria, so make sure to research and prepare accordingly for each institution you’re interested in. Good luck with your MAT exam and college admissions!

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