how to clean suede on nike blazers

Cleaning suede on Nike Blazers or any suede sneakers requires care and the right tools to avoid damaging the delicate material. Suede is sensitive to water and stains, so it’s important to clean them properly. Here’s how to clean suede Nike Blazers:

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Suede brush: A soft-bristle suede brush is essential for cleaning and restoring the nap (texture) of the suede.
  2. White vinegar or suede cleaner: You can choose either white vinegar diluted with water or a specialized suede cleaner.
  3. A soft, clean cloth: Use a lint-free, clean cloth for wiping and blotting.
  4. A suede eraser (optional): To remove tough stains or scuffs.

Cleaning steps:

1. Prepare the workspace:

  • Choose a clean, well-ventilated area to work on your sneakers. Avoid areas with direct sunlight or heat sources, as heat can damage suede.

2. Remove laces (optional):

  • You can choose to remove the laces to make cleaning the suede easier, but it’s not necessary.

3. Brush away loose dirt:

  • Use the suede brush to gently brush the surface of the suede to remove any loose dirt, dust, or debris. Brush in one direction to maintain the nap.

4. Address scuffs and stains (optional):

  • If you have scuffs or stains on your Nike Blazers, you can use a suede eraser. Rub the eraser gently over the affected areas to lift the marks. Brush away any eraser residue.

5. Mix the cleaning solution:

  • If your sneakers have overall dirt or stains, mix a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water in a small bowl. Alternatively, you can use a specialized suede cleaner according to the product instructions.

6. Dampen the cloth:

  • Dip a soft, clean cloth into the cleaning solution. Wring it out so that it’s damp but not dripping wet.

7. Clean the suede:

  • Gently rub the damp cloth over the suede, focusing on the stained or dirty areas. Use a light touch to avoid saturating the suede with moisture.

8. Blot and dry:

  • After cleaning, use a dry, clean cloth to blot away excess moisture and lift any remaining stains. Avoid rubbing, as this can damage the suede. Let the sneakers air dry at room temperature. Do not use direct heat sources like hairdryers or radiators.

9. Restore the nap:

  • Once your Nike Blazers are completely dry, use the suede brush to gently brush the suede in one direction. This helps restore the nap and keeps the suede looking fresh.

10. Re-lace and wear: – If you removed the laces, re-lace your sneakers once they are fully dry and ready to wear.

11. Protect your suede: – Consider using a suede protector spray to prevent future stains and maintain the suede’s quality.

Regular cleaning and protection are key to keeping your Nike Blazers looking great. Be gentle when cleaning suede and avoid using excessive water, as it can damage the material.

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