how to clean turkey spurs

Cleaning turkey spurs, which are the bony protrusions on the legs of a wild turkey, can be done as part of preparing the bird for cooking or as a standalone process for preserving and displaying them. Here’s how to clean turkey spurs:

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Wild turkey leg with spurs: Make sure you have legally harvested a wild turkey and have permission to possess and clean it.
  2. Sharp knife or scalpel: For cutting and cleaning.
  3. Pliers or needle-nose pliers: To remove the tendons and flesh.
  4. Bowl of warm water: For soaking and cleaning.
  5. Mild dish soap: To clean the spurs.
  6. Toothbrush or soft brush: For scrubbing.
  7. Rubbing alcohol: For sterilizing.
  8. Small container or jar: For storage (if you want to keep the cleaned spurs).

Cleaning steps:

1. Safety precautions:

  • Ensure you’re following all hunting regulations and have the necessary permits for possessing and cleaning game birds.

2. Remove the turkey leg:

  • Carefully remove the turkey leg with the spurs from the bird’s body. Be sure to follow safe field dressing practices when processing the turkey.

3. Remove excess flesh and tendons:

  • Use a sharp knife or scalpel to carefully remove any remaining flesh and tendons from the turkey spurs. Be gentle to avoid damaging the spurs.

4. Soak in warm water:

  • Place the cleaned spurs in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. Allow them to soak for 15-30 minutes to loosen any remaining debris.

5. Scrub the spurs:

  • After soaking, use a toothbrush or a soft brush to gently scrub the spurs, removing any remaining dirt, blood, or soap residue.

6. Rinse and dry:

  • Rinse the spurs thoroughly under running water to remove all soap and debris. Pat them dry with a clean cloth or paper towels.

7. Sterilize (optional):

  • If you plan to keep the spurs as a display or collection item, you can sterilize them further by dipping them in rubbing alcohol or a similar disinfectant.

8. Store or display (if desired):

  • If you wish to keep the cleaned spurs, place them in a small container or jar for safe storage. You can also incorporate them into crafts or displays.

Cleaning turkey spurs is a straightforward process, but it requires attention to detail and care to avoid damaging the spurs. Be sure to follow all hunting and possession regulations in your area when handling game birds like wild turkeys.

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